Winter weather causes challenges for first responders

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- The ice that coated the roads from Sunday into Monday made for dangerous driving conditions, sending cars sliding off the roads, and making the job even tougher for emergency responders.

"Our scene time is a little more extended in this type of situation, and obviously we can't go faster than anyone else cause we have the same situation as anybody else," Ray said. "We do put chains on our tires."

Denison Assistant Fire Chief, Bill Ray, says emergency vehicles are only allowed to go 10 miles over the speed limit when responding to emergencies in good road conditions.

He says icy weather always leads to more vehicle accidents, but this time around, it's a little different.

"This time we've had a lot of rollovers than just accidents," Ray said. "People just lose control and hit a bridge and lose control and hit the side and roll down the embankments."

Ray says along with vehicle accidents, paramedics see a lot of slip and fall injuries in this weather.
And ER Doctor, Geoffrey Wiss, says most patients come in after the storm.

"Everybody knows that it's dangerous inside today so they stay inside, but tomorrow when it starts to thaw then there's patches and that's where sun hasn't gotten to, and there's a little bit of water developing over the ice and they fall," Wiss said.

Wiss says the most common slip and fall injuries are to the wrist and ankle, and the most important thing you can do is take your time, and watch your step.

"Just exercise that extra bit of caution," Wiss said. "Nobody thinks today is the day that I'm gonna end up in the ER and that's always how it happens. You know it happens faster than you react so you kinda have to plan for it so make sure you're hanging on to railings."

Wiss says downhill walkways should be avoided since those paths can be slippery and if you must get out in this weather, walking or driving, go slow and use caution.

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