Witness accounts of man shot by Bryan County deputy after allegedly stealing Sheriff's Office unit

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- Authorities say the man who was shot by a Bryan County Deputy after allegedly stealing his patrol vehicle is expected to be released from the hospital any time now and should be behind bars by Wednesday afternoon.

The Bryan County Sheriffs Office says Spencer Cavender is expected to be charged with multiple burglaries, Assault with a Deadly Weapon and theft of a police unit, among other things.

Investigators say Cavender stole the deputy's unit at Blackjack Village in Durant Monday night and was shot multiple times before getting out of the neighborhood. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is investigating the officer-involved shooting. Agents say they will collect evidence and conduct interviews, and put a case together that will be handed over to the Bryan County District Attorneys Office.

"At that point they will go over it and they will make a determination based on the facts and the law and the evidence as to weather or not they deem it justified or not," Gary Perkinson, with the OSBI, said.

Sheriff Ken Golden says his office is investigating the burglary calls that led to the chase and ultimately the shooting. He says he expects more arrests to be made in the case they are working.

"News 12" spoke to witnesses who watched the dangerous situation unfold in their neighborhood and say they are still shaken up.

Will Sherman and Kory Placker say they saw a man steal this Bryan County Sheriffs unit from Blackjack Village Monday night while officers were responding to several burglary calls.

"I looked up and there was a guy coming between the Sheriffs car, around behind it, and he came around to the unmarked car and he just kind of looked around and got in," Placker said. "He turned on the siren and the cops started running and then he pretty much hit the gas and gunned it."

Investigators say the man, identified as Spencer Cavender, slammed into numerous vehicles, a house, and nearly ran over a deputy. That is when Placker, fearing for her own safety, went inside and a few houses away Sherman came out to see what all the commotion was about.

"I went inside because I didn't know if he was going to stay here and smash into more stuff or what, and then when I heard the gunshots I was terrified," Placker said.

"An officer started chasing him down the street and started shooting, and all I heard was just gun shot, gun shot, gun shot and I was like what the heck, so I didn't know if it was two ways, if he was shooting at the officer too. So I just ran inside and I locked the door," Sherman said.

Bryan County Sheriff Ken Golden says Cavender was shot multiple times by the deputy whose explorer was stolen. Officers say Cavender drove at high speeds to Calera before crashing off Smiser Rd. And 8th street. Cavender was apprehended and flown to a Plano hospital.

Packer and Sherman say they are glad no one was seriously hurt and know it could have been a lot worse, but that is not much comfort after what they witnessed.

"I hear about those stories all the time so I know it happens I just didn't expect it to happen at my house," Placker said.