Woman drives through Ardmore home with two children in the vehicle

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ARDMORE, OK -- Authorities say a woman drove through an Ardmore home today with two children inside her vehicle.

"Went toward my pick-up door and I heard this crash, turned around and thought an explosion had happened."

"I was coming down off of the porch and I was on the driveway, and a cloud of smoke, I thought the house was collapsing."

"I got out and went and broke a window out and I could hear babies crying."

Larry Roberts and his son Marcus were working on a rental property they own on East Lake Murray Drive Monday morning.
They say they weren't sure what was happening at first as a vehicle was driven completely through the house right next to them.

"What we had is a lady coming down Lake Murray Drive. She has some sort of medical problem and lost control of the vehicle and drove through the residence," said shift commander, Darin Butler with the Ardmore fire department.
Butler says there was no one inside the home at the time and the driver was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

"It was so close. I mean I was 10 foot away," said Roberts.

Roberts says as he recovered from the initial shock, he was shocked again when he recognized the boy in the car as someone he had previously coached in a different county.

"The first thing he did was say 'coach Roberts' and so I grabbed him, I carried him ouside and consoled him a little bit and then ran back in for his little sister," said Roberts.

Roberts says he's thankful he and his father were there and were able to do what they could.

"The Lord works in his own way and he definitely protected two kids and the lady driving," said Roberts.

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