Woman on a walk in Durant fights off attacker

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DURANT, OKLAHOMA -- It's a terrifying thing to imagine, being attacked just yards away from your front door.

That's what happened to a Durant woman Friday night, but she managed to fight off her attacker and escape.

When a woman in Durant hit the pavement for some exercise Friday night at Park Ridge Apartments, she didn't expect it to end here, in screams and distress, on her neighbor's front porch.

"Hysterically came out of the woods. Collapsed in front of our door. Asking for help, screaming for help, rather," Neighbor Alec Maloy said.

Maloy was having a night-in with friends when he heard someone banging on the door.

"We saw a woman laying on the ground. So we immediately called 911. I got them to send police and an ambulance," Maloy said.

Detective Brian Chavez says the 35 year-old resident was on a walk, listening to music.

"When she bent down to tie her shoe, she got hit from behind," Chavez said.

Durant police and neighbors say that she was dragged out here to a wooded area behind the apartment complex, where she was assaulted.

She was able to fight off her attacker, making a break away to the nearest apartment.

"She's very brave to be able to fight," Chavez said.

Neighbors are also blown away by her strength and courage.

"She's all cut up from them briars out there. She hasn't been outside since. I don't blame her," Garry and Julie Sims said.

Garry and Julie Sims say this isn't the first questionable incident to happen at the apartment complex.

"People steal stuff here and they stash it back there. Too many drugs coming and going from the apartment complex now and too many people you don't know," Mr. and Mrs. Sims said.

The couple says after four years of living here, it's time for them to pack their bags.

"Yes, we are moving. Because of this incident. It's not safe here anymore," the Sims's said.

Durant police don't have any leads on the suspect, but are still investigating.

Detective Chavez says they believe this is an isolated incident.

The Park Ridge Apartments manager says they've called the city, asking them to come out and clear the wooded area, but she says they haven't responded.

We talked to the Assistant City Manager Ralph Houser. He says he hasn't heard any concerns about that wooded area, but he will look into it.

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