Carter Co. woman shoots man she met on dating website

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CARTER COUNTY, OK -- Just a few days after a couple met on a dating site, one of them is behind bars in Carter County and the other in the hospital.

Carter County Sheriff, Milton Anthony, says the couple had been living together for a short 5 days, after just having met on the dating site "Plenty of Fish", when one of them tried to kill the other.

43 year old Heide Gum has been charged with shooting with intent to kill. Sheriff Anthony says Wednesday night, after getting into an argument, Gum shot the man in the chest at her residence in the 3,600 block of Hedges Road.

Anthony says the man had been staying there with Gum since shortly after they met on the dating website.

Anthony warns that caution is key when trying to find a soul mate on the web. "Try to meet up on a dating site, you just don't know what you're going to get. You know, and I would stay away from those sites because you just don't know."

Sheriff Anthony says the victim in the shooting is expected to be okay.
Gum's bond has been set for $75,000.

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