Woman's car badly damaged in high-speed chase, neighbors concerned

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A Sherman woman says her car was totaled in a high-speed chase through Sherman and Denison last week. And neighbors are concerned with the officers' decisions.

The suspect - Daniel Keigley - led police down a residential street, prompting police to open fire as he tried to injure or kill officers, Sherman Police said.

The shots were fired right outside Josh Cole's house.

"It's scary that they fired shots on our block anyway, regardless of if someone is aiming at them or the vehicle or not," Cole said. "...a very scary scene. I'm just glad the kids weren't home."

Though it was an alarming wake up for residents along Shannon Street, Sherman Police said the chase was just as terrifying to officers in the field.

"We're talking about a person that was trying to ram, seriously injure or kill one of our officers," said Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton.

Hampton said police had to do whatever they could to stop Keigley immediately - for the safety of the officers and the general public.

"There were actually times during this where he was going after officers," he said. "It wasn't like he was just trying to flee."

Lisa Carson heard the whole thing unfold from inside her home.

"I looked out my window and my car was gone. And then I heard gunshots," she said. "I opened up my front door, looked to left of me, and my car was three houses down smashed to pieces."

Hampton said Keigley backed up into Carson's car, using it as a battering ram to try to hit an officer. He then pushed her car back into a tree, Hampton said.

But Carson accuses Police of using her car as a barricade.

"I didn't even get so much as a 'we're sorry your car got smashed up in our police chase,'" she said. "If I hadn't of went to them, they would have said nothing."

She doesn't think she should have take out a claim on her insurance.

Hampton said there may be other avenues.

"There's probably civil litigation she can lodge against the person that was actually running from the police," he said. "She may also qualify for crime victim's litigation."

Hampton said Carson's car isn't the only one that was smashed up. At one point, Keigley swerved to try to take out a civilian Dodge Charger, thinking it was a police car, he said.

But one thing Hampton and residents agree on, is that they're glad no one was injured in the chase.

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