Woman's car totaled after hitting two buffalo in Marshall Co.

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- A woman's vehicle is totaled after she hit some buffalo early Sunday morning in Marshall County.

Valerie Burnell says she is lucky to be alive after she hit not just one, but two buffalo while driving down Highway 70-B in Marshall County.

She says she didn't even see them until after the accident happened.

Vehicle versus animal accidents are common in Texoma, with a deer or cow usually coming to mind.

That's no longer the case for Valerie Burnell of Marshall County.

"There was two buffalo laying, one behind my car, and one on the side in the ditch," Burnell said.

Burnell says she was driving down Highway 70 B near Kingston early Sunday around 2 AM when all of a sudden she felt a big impact and the airbags deployed in her Ford 500 sedan.

She says she was driving the speed limit but didn't see the two buffalo in or around the roadway.

"There was five out all together but the three that were remaining, when cars were coming out to help us after the wreck, we could see them," Burnell said. "So I don't know if they came out from the side."

Burnell says she had two other passengers in the car and luckily all three of them walked away with just minor bruises and scratches.

She says during the accident, the hood of her car popped up, and that may have saved their lives.

"You can see that the hood of my car went over my windshield and if it hadn't been for that, I don't think we'd honestly be here," said Burnell. "I think they would have went through my windshield."

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says they work car versus animal accidents at least once every two weeks.

If you see an animal in the roadway, don't swerve to avoid the animal.

"The best thing is to apply your breaks and keep your same course of travel because you'll run into a ditch and cause an even worse accident or swerve into their path," said Trooper Robby Keeling.

Burnell says she'll also be keeping an extra eye out while driving.

"It's a lesson learned, you just gotta pay attention," Burnell said.

Burnell says the two buffalo died following the accident.

She says after speaking with the ranchers who owned them, they're unsure how the buffalo were able to escape through the fence.

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