"Women Build" repairs Denison woman's home

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DENISON, TX - Habitat for Humanity's female volunteers broke out their tools for the fourth annual "Women Build" event, but as Jalah Gray shows us, this year instead of building a new home they decided to repair one with a "brush of kindness".

"I feel good, and thankful they're doing it for me, cause I never would been able." said Marilyn Turman.

92 year old Marilyn Turman's house is getting a much needed face lift.

"As you can see painting, repairing just doing whatever we need to to make it look better in the community." volunteer, Shelly Winkler said.

"This is our first women build, a brush with kindness mix, a brush with kindness is not building a brand new habitat home, it's renovating or refurbishing light repairs and painting." said Habitat for Humanity's Carrie Bolin.

Carrie Bolin says this year they decided to focus their "Women Build" project on repairing the home of a woman who devoted much of her life to helping others.

"She has helped and served so many people in this community through the years, this is just our opportunity to give back to her." Bolin said.

Today volunteers spent the day trimming shrubbery and trees, replacing rotten siding, and painting Turman's house in Denison.

"Humanity comes through Lowes and we help them with the products that they use here and they're just great people, and it's a wonderful opportunity to come out and help our fellow man." said volunteer, Paulette Miller.

"Affiliates all across the nation do this in the spring where 80% of the people on site are women, and boy are we showing them that's the way to get it done." Bolin said.

The volunteers had a good time fixing up the house, and Marilyn had a message of appreciation for them all.

"I love you..." said Turman.

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