World War II veterans honored

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Texas-- It's almost been 71 years since the US and Allied Troops landed on the coast of Normandy during World War II.

Two texoma veterans who experienced D-Day first-hand visited the Perrin Air Force Base Museum to take a step back in time, and share their memories.

"We flew over the landing craft as they landed on the beaches at Normandy," David Williams said, "and protected them."

The Years haven't dulled the memories of veterans David Williams and Charlie Davidson.

Williams was a pilot in the Air Force, protecting bomber planes.

"We were protecting the bombers at all times over there," he said.

Davidson was on the ground in the Army.

"I never did see any French girls they said they was pretty too," Davidson said laughing.

Both men joke about their time in Europe, but on June 6th 1944 there was little to joke about on the beaches of Normandy.

Williams soared overhead protecting soldiers like Davidson who found himself storming the shore.

On Wednesday these World War II veterans were honored at the Perrin Air Force Base Historical Museum, for their service and sharing their experiences, even when doing so wasn't easy.

"People just forgot about the war, they was tired of it," Davidson said.

For years the men say they didn't mention what happened on that foreign soil.

Davidson and Williams said they came back to a country that respected their service but didn't always want to hear the difficult and emotional details.

But these two men said they'd do it all over again.

"It really is an exciting life," Williams said. "It's different from civilian life by far. And I'm glad that I experienced it."

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