World Word II veterans honored at special ceremony in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, OK -- Oklahoma veterans were honored today in a first-of-it's-kind ceremony in Ardmore.

The non-profit organization, Oklahoma Honor Flights, takes World War 2 veterans to see the nation's capitol and visit memorials dedicated to honor their service.
But for those who can't make the trip, the group brings the honor to them.

"These veterans here today, because of some sort of physical limitation, are not able to fly to Washington D.C. So Oklahoma honor flights in essence brought Washington D.C. to them today, celebrated their contribution and their service in world war 2 here at a local level."

"I'm thankful to be able to be here to represent this country and what I contributed to World War 2, you know, the Airforce."

The ceremony Friday consisted of a presentation of colors, military branch recognition, and presentations from the Oklahoma Honor Flights.

"You look at the sacrifice that these men and women made in serving their country, Idont know that in our history we'll ever see another generation such as this."

Senator Frank Simpson was one of the speakers at the event.
Also in attendance were several students and boy scouts, who escorted each of the 58 veterans in.

"It means a lot to me."

"If i had to do it over, i'd do it again."

Veterans Ira Burns, R.A. Lindsey, and Lloyd Bogle say the event was a great representation and reminder of what it means to be an American and the cost of freedom.

"It doesn't make any difference whatever branch of service you were in. The contribution was still the same. It was for the honor and for the protection of this nation for which we now live."

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