World's largest interactive heart comes to Paris

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PARIS, TX - Students from Frank Stone Middle School and Everett Elementary had the chance to walk through a 17-foot heart exhibit on Friday.

Staff members from North Lamar ISD are collaborating with the Paris Cardiology Center to introduce healthy heart habits at a young age.

"We have cancer awareness every year in Paris, Texas, but we seldom have something like this." said Paris Cardiology Center Director Ayesha Shafiq.

Throughout the day a thousand students walked through the different chambers of the heart, learning what causes diseases and heart damage.

"In the heart it showed some vents up at the top and it showed the grayness from smoking and how much you can damage your heart from one or two smokes." said a Frank Stone Middle School student.

The Director of the Paris Cardiology Center wants to raise awareness of the dangers of heart disease.

"A lot of children that I have spoken to, I have asked them; What do you think is the deadliest disease in the world? And they say, especially in the United States, cancer." said Shafiq. "I said no there is more cancer awareness, but it is heart disease."

Students also learned lessons on avoiding dangerous things that could impact their future.

"When you buy cigarettes, it costs a lot of money and it wastes your money, so don't even do it." said a Frank Stone Middle School student.

The cardiology center was excited about the turn out and plans to make the Ameriheart exhibit an annual public event in the future.

"Kids have all been really interested in it, they've all talked about as we've gone back to class." said sixth grade science teacher Nicole Charlie. "It's been a really interesting day for all of them."

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