Youth softball tournament to score big bucks in Grayson County

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GRAYSON COUNTY,TX -- A youth softball tournament has set up shop in Grayson County, and now city officials believe the tournament could score big bucks.

Monday, 23 softball teams, made up of hundreds of girls ages,10 and under, from all over the State of Texas, kicked off the the 2014 Texas Teenage State Tournament.

"It's exciting. It's exciting. It's been a long run," said Cathy Perry.

This is the first time for the 10-and-under competition to be held in Sherman and the 15-and-under competition to take place in Denison.

Sherman officials say they think they'll score big.

"That comes out to about under half a million dollars spent in the area," said Eddie Brown.

Sherman Chamber of Commerce President Eddie Brown says that revenue will come from the thousands of visitors who come to watch the games.

"You've got parents, grandparents, extended family; so there will be many people here," said Brown.

Anna Mckinney with the Denison Chamber of Commerce, says in her city, the bases are loaded.

"Our motels are full, which is just awesome, and the restaurants are getting bombarded," said Mckinney.

The 10-and-under games got underway Monday morning in Sherman, at Old Settlers Park.

Sherman Parks and Rec Coordinator, Matthew Hubert, says seeing the girls compete and have fun, makes all the preparation worthwhile.

"Just seeing all the smiles on their faces, whether they win or in defeat," said Hubert.

Not only will the tournament bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars for the county, for families Monday, it was scoring a homerun.

"It shows and teaches them a lot of things, and it's good experience," said parent Oscar Herrera.

17 teams will be competing in Denison's 15-and-under tournament that starts Monday night.

Anna Mckinney says the city expects it will bring in around $300,000.

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