Church group fighting cancer by volunteering at A2A marathon

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ARDMORE, OK -- For several years, a small Ardmore church has been fighting cancer, alongside it's members battling the illness.
Lauren Smith tells us how they plan to help beat the disease in this year's A2A marathon.

"My mom was one of the ones we lost last year," said Andrea Anderson, who's mother, Cindy, was one of the three Ardmore Family of God members who lost their battle with cancer last year.

Anderson says, "The year before, we lost one and then we currently have two members battling cancer. So that's a really high percentage for such a small group."

Anderson says there's about forty people who call the Ardmore Family of God home and each member has been personally impacted by the losses. That's why the church has decided to come together and man a water station at the Arbuckles to Ardmore Marathon on March 30th.

"We've always had members that have either walked the 5k or run the half marathon or done something with it but this is the first year that all of us as a group are doing something together," said Anderson.

The marathon benefits the Mercy Health Cancer Center.

Anderson said, "It was kind of a no-brainer. We just had to do something to show our support for the cancer center and say we're going to fight cancer in some way."

"I was able to get all my treatment there. Wonderful staff. Did a wonderful job. The people that work there are just a blessing," said church member and cancer survivor Jason Midkiff. He says the cancer center has made a huge difference in his life and in the community.

"You deal with so much already, the mental aspects of it, whether you get sick or things like that and not having to worry about travel and where you're going to stay and, you know, if you're here locally in the community, being able to go home and be with family, I think that's important," said Midkiff.

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