Gardening Texoma: Native Spring Beauty

n the past, tiller was encouraged to prepare the soil. What we know now is it caused too many vagrant weeds.

What is encouraged now is:
Mow the grass very close to the ground (the lowest setting)
With stiff rake or toe of your shoe, rake back some of the decomposing grasses and organic material to expose the bare soil.
Do this in a systematic pattern so you can expose the soil.
Drop the seed
Rake the soil abck over the top
Move on to the next point.

Covering the seed with a light film of organic material (decomposed grass, mulch) is encouraged.
Do not add any soil amendments to the soil (fertilizer)
Do use a mixture types of wildflowers
Don't expect them all to come up at the same time. Some may sit dormant for a very long period.
Be sure to allow a few areas that will not be mowed for a longer period so that the standing Cyprus and late blooming wild flowers will have a better chance.

Suggested Wildflower Seed:

Texas Bluebonnet
Blue Flax
Sweet Alyssum
Scarlet Flax
Black-eyed Susan
Sulphur Cosmos
Baby Blue Eyes
Painted Daisy
Purple Coneflower
Rocket Larkspur
Drummond Phlox
Baby's Breath
Evening Primrose
Plains Coreopsis
Indian Blanket
Cosmos- Sensation
African Daisy
Dwarf Red Plains Coreopis
Poor Man's Weather Glass

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