Gardening Texoma: Planting a Tree 101

Planting a Tree 101

I. Root Fare
A. Most trees are planted too deep! Find the tree’s root flare and secure the health of your tree!
B. Pick your location carefully; know your tree mature size and habits; don’t plant near sidewalks, too close to one’s foundation or on the dam of your earth ponds or water tanks.

Follow the following directions to a healthier, faster growing tree:

1. Dig an ugly hole
a) Dig a saucer shaped hole w/ real rough jagged sides. This will allow for easier root growth and added oxygen to the soil around root ball of tree. Pick your location carefully

2. Plant the tree high or find the tree’s flare root and still plant the tree above soil line (grade).

3. Add no amendment to hole as you back fill hole while planting tree!
a) Trees need to adapt to native soils as quickly as possible. Adding peat moss, potting soil and excessive fertilizers can are slow down and complicates tree’s health.
4. Add only backfill w/ native soils from tree planting location to backfill hole. As you back fill use water to compact soil around root (zone) ball.
5. Stake trees loosely; allow the tree to move a few inches so it can build tinsel strength. Don’t leave tree staked for more than one year. Never wire trees without protecting cambium tissue.
6. Trees need regular watering for an entire 1st year after being planted.
7. Don’t over water! Plants die faster from over watering than under watering!
8. Mulch your root zone of your tree. 4” to 6” of native cedar mulch is what I recommend.

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