Gardening Texoma: Winter Clean Up

By: KXII Staff Email
By: KXII Staff Email

Planting,Transplanting and Pruning

Think long term:

Winter cleanup is not only cleaning up perennials. It can be directing, propagating, or organizing with the intention to multiply the quantity and quality of plant material. It is a great opportunity to protect and nourish your investment.
• Soft tissue plants can be taken to the ground. (i.e autumn sedum, ornamental grasses, daylilies.)
• Woody plants like salvias or crape myrtles need to be left alone or only shaped.
• Pick the right plant for the right place. Crape myrtles come in all sizes.
• Leave any fiberous/stringy plants such yucca or agave.

• Mid-winter trimming of shrubs should be discouraged.

• Think of it as the reason we cut back is to promote a cleaner symmetric growth.
• If new tissue is exposed to extreme low temps, the plant could easily be permanently damaged by exposure. The older tissue is already developed and designed to withstand low temps within reason.
• Spring blooming shrubs need to be left alone. They will be affected negatively if pruned too late in the winter season. Don’t go there.

III. Planting and Transplanting

• Almost all perennials can be transplanted this time of year with a high level of success due to the dormancy of the flora and the insulation of the bedding soil.
• It is wisest to transplant in fall and winter because beneficial bacteria and micro-organisms are attracted to the root fibers of the transplants and the beneficial nematodes and protozoa feed off of the beneficial bacteria and their excrements help feed the transplants.

IV. Feed the root system is a great idea!

• Sulfa Mag is a great product.
• Molasses and corn gluten also are mild stimulants
• Alfalfa Meal is a great mild fertilizer.
• All the above help feed the soil which enhances the entire cycle of the food matrix (food web).

V. Mulching

• Native shredded cedar mulch is my favorite. The oils repel insects and pests, and it lasts longer.
• All hardwood mulches are good.
• Pine, cypress, and pine needles.
(Note): People ask me which is the best. The answer is a lot of times is which is closest and the easiest to aquire.
Energy Saving Tip: If you are tired of your heat going up the wood burning chimney inside your home, install a natural gas fire place. Plug the heat loosing chimney and use 100% of that heat for your own benefit.
If you are all electric, this will be your saving grace when an ice storm knocks out all electrical services. I have clients who have been there and done that.

“Happy Gardening” -Jonathan

Extra Gardening Tip Of The Week: Roses

-No trimming roses until Feb 14th.
-Make sure that when you cut the limbs, that the new growth (buds and leaves) are going the direction that you want them to.
-If you want to make the bush fuller, then cut them so that the new growth goes out rather than up.
-Rose glow fertilizer is the best to be applied in early February.
-Be sure to mulch all your roses.
-Keep good drainage and the roses will be fine until February.

Happy Gardening

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