Gardening Texoma: Captured water

Captured water

The use of rain water from ones roof top incorporating gutter system to collect water and direct it to a holding container. Note the purpose of this outline is how captured water can be applied with its benefit to water landscape flora. Rain water can be used for a lot of different things like applying to your more young sensitive plants your indoor plants and basically all your potted plants. The illustration that we use on today's show is a simple 55 gal rain barrel, the essentials parts of a rain barrel are a polyethylene container that was once used to contain food products such as olives, pickles, or various other canning product. Basically after you build a pedestal out of haydoff block 4 blocks should be efficient you want 2 compression fitting for 3 male PVC pipe from 2 brass faucets and 1 4˜ from the bottom we and other 4˜ from the top. The Faucet at the top can be left open as a n overflow and a simple water hose can be tied to it and be a downhill drain to come out of the line. The Lower faucet will be used as a harvesting valve. A value thqt5 can be opened and closed as needed. Benefits: this is untreated water and it should be used up with in a week's time of being captured or a small aerator can be used to add oxygen to make it more aerobic. If it becomes anaerobic it becomes a lot less effective. It has no chemical treatment it has no salt. One of the biggest problems with watering summer they begin to build up saline residue.

Raised vegetable bed

The purpose of doing raised veggies is that you do not have to deal with your excessive clay or sandy soil. It allows you to have more control over your weeds and drainage and water application. While building your raised bed it is very important not to use any treated wood product. It is safe to use haydoff block 8x16x8 haydoff block and fill it with gravel or lava sand. I recommend to start off by putting 8 to 10m layers of newspaper down or a heavy cardboard product. This will create a heat barrier for you. While building your soil up I recommend you use the following: Compost, molasses, cornmeal green sand, seaweed, granite sand, Humate, rye seed, cotton burr compost alfalfa meal, lava sand. It is not necessary to raise your bed to level that is 16 high however if you raise it above to 8 in mark it protects from the wind and the potential cold.

Today's TV shows you will how our host has applied her veggie gardening to year round harvesting.

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