Fruit Tree Pruning

Series 4: Fruit Trees
 The number one reason for pruning fruit trees is both a selfish and profitable one.
 We prune trees for our sake, not for the tree’s health.
 The first thing that we need to remember:
• One needs to step back and take into consideration the following:
o Maximum light exposure.
o Maximum access for harvesting when fruit ripens.
o Maximum health for removing dead and damaged woody tissue.
o Maximum root flare exposure for oxygen retention and health of the tree.
• Mulch coverage under the tree for:
o Retention of moisture.
o For being cooler while in the heat of the summer.
o Warmer in winter.
o Always leave a gap between the root flare of the tree and the mulch. Never mulch next to the tree.
 Same protocol applies as with other pruning:
• Safety Equipment as needed.
• Use the right pruning tool.
• Consider the type of tree and it’s specific needs.

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