Thankful Moments-Mikayla Alford

Gainesville, TX-Baby Mikayla Alford is battling brain tumors but she is not giving up the fight. I sat down with her parents who tell me they have a lot to be thankful for this year and have been inspired to watch her battle her cancer with strength.

At nine months If you would like to help the Alford family you can make a donation at any first state bank or at Nascoga Credit union in Gainesville and also track Mikayla's progress on

At 9 months old little Mikayla Alford is a happy baby with a smile that can light up a room, but since she was born she has been battling a cancer that many thought would take her life in the first few months.
She was diagnosed with glioblastoma one of the most common and aggressive brain tumors.

Hearing that their baby girl had cancer was very difficult on her parents Ronald and Krista Alford

"Emotional, stressful, I mean all of the above," Ronald Alford said.
"It is very hard because I spent most of my time at the hospital and that's time away from my son," Krista Alford said.

"Whenever she was first diagnosed, they really didn't give us the best outlook for survival for her and one of the hardest parts is trying to plan your own child's funeral." Ronald Alford said.

But this is the second time the Alfords received this kind of news..Their son Hunter was diagnosed with tumors as well. He was able to have surgery and next month will celebrate on year of being cancer free. But while celebrating for Hunter they can only hope and pray to one day celebrate for Mikayla as well.

Right now Mikayla is in chemotherapy. Because of her tumors some of her symptoms include nausea, vomiting and headaches.She has gone through 5 surgeries and is taking at least 6 medications. But her parents say her strength is made known in that through her pain she smiles to let them know that she will be ok. Her parents say she is showing signs of improvement.

"She is finally gaining weight, she is 11 pounds and 13.4 ounces,"Krista said.

"It has actually decreased in size and from there it is looking promising. It looks like the chemo is working which is great and that means she will have a shot at a long full happy life and I am thankful for that," Ronald said.

Children's Medical Center in Dallas sponsors a bead program..each bed represents a different procedure. Mikalya has over 500 and counting. Her family will hold on to the beads as a reminder of where she has been and the progress she is made in the fight against cancer.

In spite of all that has happened in the lives of both their children the Alfords say they still have a lot to be thankful for.
"I'm thankful for her still being here and her smiling, and my son still has no cancer and hers is shrinking and hopefully we can get hers taken care of and gone and not ever come back," Krista said.

"I'm thankful, the communities support, the support from the officers at the police department, the city of gainesville, there has been far more support than I ever expected to get, " Ronald said.

As a patrolman for the gainesville police department his job is to serve and protect and he says he will do whatever it takes to see that his children are happy and healthy.

She still has a long way to go but the Alfords are hopeful that one day Mikayla will make a full recovery.

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