Gardening Texoma: Drainage principals

By: Lisanne Anderson Email
By: Lisanne Anderson Email

Drainage principals;

1)Good drainage is a must
a)Protects your greatest investment: home and structures (Barns,
Storage sheds ect...
b)Insect control: We all know what standing(stagnet) water brings!
c)Prevents errosions and loss of soil and prevention of blockage
of drainage from soils being deposited down stream.
d)Standing water on concrete is not only dangerous (slippery) but
concrete can be damaged by water (ice) freezing and fracturing the top
glaze. This produces an acne appearance to walkways and patios
c)Allows for more useage of one's property; allowing pets and
children to go out doors w/out bring mud back into one's home.
2) 2 lines of defense whaen it comes to drainage should be everyone
a)A line away from one's home will direct water away from one's
home and structure. And will handel everyday rain.
b)Another line of drainage closer to home directing roof and
periodic (twice a year) heavy rains (gully washer).
c)Slope (tapography) towards one's home and structures many time
does not allow for two line of defense. In this instance a greater
(exaggerated)defense is needed to handle extreme volumes of water.

3)There are only 2 ways to move water (3 if one considers steam;
which doe not apply here):
1)Swells, slopes, French Drains, and all other types of
underground drainage where gravity can move water.
1)pumps, windmills ect...

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