Marriage 101: How To Talk To Your Spouse - Silently

This morning, Licensed Professional Counselor sat down with Lisanne with some tips for both women and men when it comes to the needs of both. Ladies and Gentlemen, this could save your relationship.

1)Think Connection, not communication
Women talk to connect, men connect to talk.

2)Very important acronym "ROCK STAR"

"ROCK" is the woman

R= Routinely making connection with her. Whether it's pouring her a cup of coffee or a simple kiss goodbye.

O= Open your heart to her. Women are sensitive to isolation, silence, neglect and deprivation. Let her know what you're thinking and feeling whether through email or text message just to say "Thinking of you" or "I love you."

C =Contact. Consciously keep contact in your mind

K = Keep it positive. A males voice is designed for roaring and they don't realize how scary roaring is for women.

"STAR" is the man.

S = Sex which floods the body with oxytocin, and it takes a lot of that for men to bond

T = Touch. Men need two or three times more touching than a woman to feel that some bonding from oxytocin.

A = Appreciation. Women don't understand how much it pleases a man to please her.

R = Routine. Men love routine

Click the video link to watch.

Marriage 101

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