Benefits of carpets versus flooring

By: Christine Nicholson Email
By: Christine Nicholson Email

DURANT, OK -- A common battle for new homeowners is flooring versus carpet. In this Home edition of Mom's Everyday, we'll tackle the pros and cons of each.

The decision to choose floors or carpet for your home can be based purely on looks but if value is your main priority, knowledge of each wouldn't hurt.

To start, hard wood floors come in two types: engineered and solid.
Taylor Herron, Owner of Herron Carpet One, explains the difference.

"Your engineered is going to be a little tougher, little stronger. The core is different so it's going to be a little more resistant to damages."

Another type of flooring is laminate, a print of hardwood that is laminated on to the core.

"So they're not actually hard wood but they have all the looks of a hardwood," Taylor said.

Both have different benefits to consider. Laminates are cheaper, resists water, wear and fading and needs less maintenance over the years.

On the other hand, hard wood is more durable and lasts longer.
There's also cork..just like wine bottle corks.

"They pop back out so if you set a desk something heavy on it, they pop back out within a week."

And finally vinyl planks are the cheapest of them all.

"They're actually a vinyl made in a plank to look like a hard wood, more resilient than a laminate and won't swell like a hard wood."

So what about carpets? Taylor recommends starting from the bottom up with padding.

"Your padding is major. If you get a good padding it can actually double the life of your carpet."

Carpets come in all colors, textures and costs but for the mom who expects a lot of wear and tear, Taylor recommends the Lees line.

"They're guaranteed to get any stain out and if you can't get it out on your own we'll come out and replace it for free."

Although carpet is less expensive to install than flooring, it's more costly and labor intensive to keep clean. For hot water extraction cleaning also known as steam cleaning "manufacturer warranties specify that you need to have that done every 18 months."

But for moms with toddlers, carpets are softer, insulate better and deadens sound.

Carpets usually don't last more than 12-15 years versus hard wood floors that can last for several decades. But the extra cushion carpet provides for younger kids may be worth the extra installation costs.
And if you still can't decide...there's always flooring covered with area rugs.

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