Gardening Texoma: Spring Bulbs

Spring bulbs are early blooming beauties that signal the return of life to the garden. There are many kinds of bulbs that flourish in the Texoma area and once planted will maintain themselves for years with very little care. They "naturalize" themselves or propagate themselves. Then every four or five years, dig up the crowded clumps and spread them around or give the extras to friends. You can choose to plant like bulbs in an area or plant several inches apart in rows or circles. Some gardeners are choosing to create a naturalistic look by planting many kinds of bulbs together, some tall, some short, different colors, nodding in the breeze or turning their heads toward the sun looking like a rainbow of color. You can't make a mistake when choosing the bulbs to plant together. They all add grace and beauty to every yard and garden.

Hints for selecting and planting bulbs

• When selecting a bulb always look for fat, firm bulbs free of mold or bruising.
• Select a planting sight that gets 6 hours plus of sunlight and has great drainage.
• Loosen the soil 10 inches deep and mix compost into the bed. Check the drainage by making a hole 8 inch deep, pour about 2 cups of water in the hole. If the water drains out in 5 or 10 minutes, the drainage is good.
• Plant most bulbs 2 times deeper than their width. But the best plan is: READ THE PLANTING DIRECTIONS! Cover the planted bulbs with soil and then with hardwood mulch. The plant will come up in spring even when covered with mulch. The mulch will help protect the bulbs from winter flexes of soil temperature.
• Smooth the amended soil and set the bulbs where you want to plant them. Look at the bulb. Dried roots will most of the time indicate the bottom of the bulb or a pointed end indicates the top of the bulb. Look carefully. If planted upside down the bulb probably will not grow.
• Bulbs store nutrients inside their bulbs. They get the nutrients from the soil, but some bulbs like daffodils return nutrients into the bulbs from the leaves after they bloom. The leaves flop over and begin to turn yellow. Do not cut them until they are brown. Best way to handle this problem is to plant annuals or spring blooming perennials in front of these bulbs so the ugly leaves are hidden.
• After you plants the bulbs, you may want to mark where they are planted so you do not disturb them when planting more flowers.

Five Spring Bulbs
Easy to grow in Texoma

Narcissus - plant Oct. - Dec.,
4 inch deep. Blooms March - April.

Bearded Iris - plant just below the surface, Oct, Nov. or March. Blooms April - May.

Grape Hyacinth - great for mass planting. Plant Oct - Dec., 2 inches deep. Blooms March - April

Daffodils - plant Oct. - Dec.,
4 inches deep. Blooms March - April.

Allium - plant Oct -
Dec., 4 inches deep. Blooms April - May.

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