Winstar expansion to expand economy

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The Winstar expansion could be a wealth of opportunity for many Texomans.

Once construction wraps up next summer, Commerce Administrator Brian Campbell says the casino will be looking to fill more than 1000 new jobs.

"We anticipate hiring eleven hundred employees. Of course those jobs will range from technicians to management to marketing," Campbell said.

Casino officials would not discuss the total cost of the expansion, but Campbell sys this multi-million dollar project will ultimately pump millions in revenue into Love County, Southern Oklahoma, and potentially all of Texoma.

"It typically ranges in hundreds of millions of dollars as far as economic impact on those communities we would expect the same in Love County and North Texas."

Once the dust settles the entire casino will have a new look--a cityscape facade will stretch across the entire building.

The 300,000 square foot addition will have 5 casinos, 3 restaurants, and an 11 story, 400 room hotel, funded by a private company.

Campbell says the project has the potential to turn Southern Oklahoma into a tourist destination for visitors from across the country.

"We're just continuing Governor Anoatubby's vision for creating opportunities not only for the Chickasaw people but all in the area...We look forward to the expansion to continue until next summer .We're real excited about growth and opportunity ahead of us," Campbell said.

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