Sherman Airman Exhumed

9-8-04 – The body of a Sherman veteran was exhumed from a Grayson County gravesite Wednesday morning. Air Force Master Sergeant, Luther Rose, was missing in action for 38 years before his remains were identified and sent back to the US.

Rose was a gunner in the Air Force when his plane crashed in Laos in 1966. Last month, the Air Force buried Rose with full military honors at Akers Cemetery at the request of his mother and a daughter from his first marriage.

However, his second wife and widow was not notified of the burial. At the request of Beverly Rose, The Air Force exhumed the soldier’s remains and will move them to his widow’s hometown in Louisiana.

Luther Rose will be buried with full military honors again on Saturday. The military says they made a mistake by not notifying Rose’s widow in time for the first burial. They are investigating.

A group burial for all of Rose’s crewmen will take place on November 5th at Arlington National Cemetery.