Sherman man attacked

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SHERMAN, Tex. -- A Sherman man was attacked in broad daylight and beaten with a PVC pipe on Dewey Street on Tuesday afternoon. Now police are trying to identify who is responsible for the attack and the motive behind the violence.

It all began at Hawn Park. John Chaney says four teens told his son to leave, but his son told them the park is public property, and he intended to stay. That's when Chaney says his son was attacked.

"It was a gang, and they wanted to get control of that park. They wanted control."

Sherman Police say while there's no indication of gang related activity in this fight, it has not been completely ruled out.

John Chaney says the attackers knew his son had to walk home alone, and they waited for him at the corner of Cherry and Dewey Streets.

Chaney says his son called him for help, so Chaney went to meet him. When he met his son at the corner of Cherry and Dewey Streets, Chaney says he saw the suspects, wrote down their license plate numbers, and called 9-1-1.

Then, he says, the four teens went after him.

"He kept hitting me and kept hitting me across the forehead across the top of the head back of the head until the pipe broke."

Chaney says five people pulled over to help him, and that’s when the attackers jumped in a maroon van and red car and sped off.

"I hope they get arrested so they can go to jail. They committed a crime. They fully intended to do bodily harm."

Police say when they catch the teens responsible, they will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. If convicted they could face up to twenty years in prison.