Possible mold contamination at Durant school

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DURANT, Okla. – Parents of students who attend one elementary school are growing concerned over their kids, and their teachers getting sick.

The concerns over Durant’s Washington Irving Elementary have the attention of school district officials.

Durant school officials say Washington Irving Elementary School was renovated three years ago, which is why it was a surprise to them that students and teachers were getting sick because of possible mold contamination.

School officials say they were notified a couple weeks ago that students and teachers were getting sick, both coughing and sneezing, with some of them developing a rash.

That’s when officials sent in cleaning crews to check out filters vents and any ceiling panels that showed signs of contamination.

Officials tell us they've even made sure no moisture would leak into the building in order to prevent further mold growth.

Durant ISD officials say to this point they have not found any evidence of mold, and common allergies might be the reason why so many have been getting sick.

"We try to provide as clean of an environment for the students as possible. I think right now we need to see what the air sample test reveals to see if there are any further explanations." DISD superintendent Terry James said.

Officials say they should get the results of the air quality tests back within the next couple of days, but officials want to let parents know they're doing everything they can to let parents know what's causing students to get sick.

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