Texoma lake manager moving up

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LAKE TEXOMA--A familiar face with the Army Corps of Engineers is moving on. He held the reins as Lake Texoma reached records levels. Ron Jordan says he's moving on for a promotion he couldn't pass up.

Now he will supervise managers at several lakes in central Oklahoma. Jordan says after ten years in the Lake Texoma office of the Army Corps of Engineers he's moving north to supervise several lakes, including Lake Eufala. Lake Eufala is a little larger than Texoma. Currently Jordan serves as the lake manager for Texoma.

He says last summer's flooding provided the most memorable few days of the last decade, as Texoma watched the lake rise twenty feet above normal levels, flowing over the emergency spill.

Jordan says he's looking forward to these new challenges saying he's seen a lot of growth all across Lake Texoma over the last ten years.

"We've really been able to do some great things, the Corps has, the concessionaires have built and expanded their facilities and it's a lot more recreation opportunity now than there was 10 years ago," Jordan says.

His last day working in Texoma is tomorrow. No word yet on who will take his place...

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