Turning in their saddles

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GRAYSON CO., Tex. --After fifty years on horseback, members of the Grayson County Sheriff's posse say their October meeting will be their last. The group assisted the sheriff's office in many duties, including saddling up during manhunts.

Members say it's easier to search on horseback than on foot. They say over the last few years their numbers have dwindled, falling from 65 to seven active members. The office has new technologies to assist in manhunts, like geothermal scanners. With these tools, members say the posse became more of a liability than an asset.

"We feel like we've been a real asset to the community and the community's been an asset to us,” said Jerry Glover, posse president. “We've had a lot of fun, but we've run the course of things."

The posse plans on donating their facilities and supplies to area organizations. They are also developing several $5,000 scholarships for Grayson County College students.

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