Teens Tattooed Illegally in Grayson

9-13-04 - Dozens of illegal tattoos have caught the attention of Grayson County authorities – the victims appear to all be underage.

On Friday, Van Alstyne school officials say around ten students came to the nurse’s office with inflamed and infected tattoos. Investigators connected the work back to one teenage individual, known as a ‘scratcher’ – a person who tattoos without a license.

In these cases, police believe the suspect wasn’t using proper sterilization. Investigators found at least 20 other students at Howe and Westminster schools, who had also been tattooed by the same teenager.

Police confiscated all of his homemade tattooing materials and have turned the case over to the Grayson County attorney.

The teen faces 10 class "A" misdemeanor charges.