Wardens hit Lake Texoma over Labor Day weekend

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LAKE TEXOMA--Grayson County game wardens are out on the lake making sure safety precautions are in place this holiday weekend.

Initial trips indicate boat activity is down this Labor Day weekend, veteran game warden Dale Moses, said.

"There's good traffic out there, but it seems slower than it normally is."

Moses has been with the department for nearly 20 years, and has seen his fair share of boater violations.

Saturday, he was busy checking for life jackets and fire extinguishers.

One family learned, first hand, why it's important to keep one aboard, at all times.

While they didn't want to give their names, they say two people had to jump from the boat Saturday afternoon, after a mechanical fire sparked near the engine.

"It's a '67 model, and we hadn't used it for about five or six years," the boat driver, said.

Moses explained, extinguishers that are required by Texas law to be carried on boats are made specifically to put out gas fires, and could have potentially saved this boat.

"You can't drive a fire truck up to it, so you basically let it burn to the water line, even if a big boat catches fire in the marina, they'll push it out to get it away from the boat houses. There's not a lot you can do on the water," he said.

Moses, along with two other Grayson County wardens will also be looking for children under 13 years old to be wearing life jackets at all times, and checking for proper registration.