NAACP Investigates ECU Player Death

9-25-04- The NAACP is asking for a federal probe into the recent death of an African-American football player at East Central University. Last weekend, a 43 year old diesel mechanic allegedly rammed into a
pickup truck loaded with players from East Central.

18 year old Joseph Tusan was killed in that wreck and Satruday, he was laid to rest in Arlington, Texas. In Oklahoma City, the NAACP says they are trying to draw attention to the fact that Oklahoma still has a long way to go to improve race relations.

Ammon Reich of Pontotoc County faces one murder charge and
ten counts of assault with a deadly weapon. At this time he does not
face a hate crime charge.

Oklahoma does not have a felony charge for hate crime like the
neighboring state of Texas. Recently, Texas passed hate crime
legislation in which "bias or prejudice" can be punished with a more
severe degree felony".