Ardmore Firefighter in DUI Accident

9-28-04 - A rookie Ardmore firefighter resigned Tuesday, just a few days after his involvement in an accident while driving a city vehicle. Wesley Stroud was attending a training session when he rear-ended a vehicle in Norman, and was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, after a breath-a-lyzer showed him at .011.

Stroud had been on the job for just 8 months, and was still a probationary firefighter. He is only 20 years old – too young to drink in Oklahoma.

Stroud was attending a fire training school in Midwest City last week. When he finished class on Friday, he drove an Ardmore fire vehicle to Norman to eat out. At 11:30 that night, he rear-ended another car on 12th Street in Norman. The other drive sustained some external injuries, but survived.

The city will likely have to pay for the damages out of its own pocket – since the city’s insurance policy does not cover drunken driving accidents. City Manager Dan Parrott also says his office is reexamining the city’s policy on sending one person to a training session, as opposed to multiple employees.