Children Recover After Accident

10-2-04- A Sherman grandmother, her daughter, and two small grandchildren were injured Saturday in an accdent on Highway 56 near Friendship Road. Troopers say the family's small passenger car was slammed from behind when the driver stopped to turn off the highway.

The accident happened just before 2:00 p.m. Saturday on Highway 56 in Sherman. Troopers say 49 year old Janice Harris of Sherman was driving a small Chevy Metro westbound on Hwy 56. The grandmother stopped to turn on Friendship Road when the car was slammed from behind.

A 24 year old Denison man told troopers he looked down and did not notice the car was stopped.

Janice Harris was treated and released from Wilson n. Jones Medical Center, along with her daughter, Julie Hermell. But Hermell's two children, 5 year old Robert, and 4 year old Jessica Christian, were both careflighted to Dallas Children's Hospital.

Sunday,Troopers report both children are improving. Jessica was taken off of life support late Saturday night and is breathing on her own.

The other driver was ticketed for "failing to control speed."