Carson, Coburn Debate at UCO

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Democrat Brad Carson and Republican Tom
Coburn traded sharp jabs over building roads, national security and
other issues in a televised debate Monday night at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Carson's criticized Coburn for flip-flopping his position on the Patriot Act and for opposing an anti-terrorism bill while in Congress. Coburn accused Carson of telling half-truths about his positions.

The Muskogee doctor conceded at one point that he had changed his mind on the Patriot Act and now supported it after getting more information.

Carson also pointed out that Coburn had voted with Democratic President John Kerry on several military bills.

Coburn says he supports President Bush's anti-terroism efforts, but believed that Congress had to get a handle on spending to effectively fight terrorism.

Coburn served as congressman from Oklahoma's 2nd District from
1994-2000. He was succeeded by Carson, who has served two terms.

Now the two are fighting for the US Senate seat being vacated
by Senator Don Nickles.