Candidates Battle Over Jobs

Tempe, Ariz. (AP) - When it comes to taxes, President Bush says John Kerry's rhetoric doesn't match his record. Kerry says the president's "lecture" on fiscal responsibility is like "Tony Soprano talking about law and order."

At the presidential debate in Arizona, the two hurled accusations about each other's records. President Bush again is accusing Kerry of voting to increase taxes 98 times while in the Senate. Kerry is accusing Bush of being the only president in recent history to preside over a loss of jobs and exports.

Kerry says he would restore fiscal discipline by rolling back tax increases for the wealthiest Americans. He says he would also close loopholes under which industry is subsidized for sending jobs overseas.

Bush accuses Kerry of ministering to a "Pay Go" policy under which "You pay and he goes ahead and spends." Bush also says the
middle class risks paying higher taxes to fill the gap if Kerry's
spending outweighs his government savings.