Army General Has Local Ties

10-18-04 - The military investigation into a reserve unit that refused orders last week in Iraq involves a soldier from Marietta. Brigadier General James Chambers oversees 15,000 soldiers, including 18 members of the 343rd Quartermaster Company.

Over the weekend, the army reserve unit based out of South Carolina refused an order that they considered too dangerous. That mission was to deliver supplies of fuel to troops in the field. They said the trip was too risky and the fuel was contaminated.

Chambers grew up in Marietta and went on to teach school before he joined the Army in 1978.

Family members say they’re confident he’ll handle the controversial situation.

The US military says no decision has been made on any disciplinary action against the Reservists.

An Army spokesman sent The Associated Press an e-mail saying
it's "too early" to tell if any such action will be taken, despite statements to the contrary from some soldiers' relatives.

Earlier today, the father of one soldier involved told CBS his son is about to receive a "general" discharge. The unit's commanding general has said investigations are under way into why 18 members of the 343rd Quartermaster Company refused the mission along a dangerous route in Iraq.

The Army spokesman told the AP any decision on discipline must
await completion of an investigation.