Ardmore Tax in Question

10-22-04 - A tax passed last November in Ardmore is now in question, as the city re-examines the legal procedure leading up to that vote. The 'Gaps' tax included money earmarked for everything from schools to renovating the public swimming pool.

But this week, as an attorney began to allocate some of that money, he realized the city might have not followed election law. The controversy centers on whether the city put a notice of the election in the paper ten days before the election date.

If the city cannot find proof of such an ad, they will take the matter to court for a judicial review. They hope that coverage by the media and campaigning by voters before the election will be just as substantial of notice as an ad. If the judicial review rules against the city, they will have to have another election to pass the tax.

City manager Dan Parrott says the city clerk oversees the election and should have known to put the ad in. But if it turns out the election doesn't count he will only hold himself responsible.