Ardmore trying new method with economic development

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- Ardmore Development officials are trying a new method to solve some unique employment problems. City leaders have created a committee to tackle those issues which include an overabundance of jobs.

Finding quality employment is a challenging issue to tackle. Recently the Ardmore Development Authority created a committee to help solve the employment woes in Ardmore starting with day care.

From large to small businesses, everyone is hurting. Officials from Dollar General say they have more than 60 positions available at Ardmore’s Distribution Center.

Affordable housing is an issue development officials are also trying to address. Houses are set to start going up in just two weeks at a housing addition the development officials are building.

To address affordable housing the ADA started the Hickory Housing addition ten months ago. Development officials say providing affordable housing is key in attracting and retaining workers.

The addition will soon have 31 houses and will cost about $75 per square foot, providing affordable housing options.

"If workers have a place where they value home owner ship they are gong to be more likely to stay with the employer and stay in the area."

Development officials say the employment issue is one that won’t solve itself overnight, calling it ‘a long-term issue.’

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