Halloween Safety: Can You Pass the Test?

10-28-04 – Your kids are sure to bring home buckets full of goodies this Halloween weekend, but do parents really know which treats are safe?

KXII teamed up with the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office to test local parents. Most people, stopped outside the Sherman Belk Store, were not able to identify candy the sheriff’s office tampered with.

Out of six tainted pieces, most people we asked were only able to pick out three at the most. One piece of candy that slipped by all of the testers was a chocolate bar with an entire needle stuffed inside.

Experts say parents need to check between the flaps of candy wrappers and throw most of the twist-tie wrappers out. They are the easiest to tamper with.

Never eat anything homemade and parents are encouraged to be vigilant in asking their children not to eat candy until they get home. It’s safest if parents can give treat the once-over at home, under a light.