New Oklahoma Laws

10-31-04- A total of 144 new laws take effect in Oklahoma Monday.
Among them are laws to reform medical liability lawsuits and a measure to increase teacher pay to the regional average during the next four years.

Other laws increase the penalty for first-time domestic abuse convictions and increase the minimum amount of mandatory auto
liability insurance.

Also, teenagers under 18 must have a driver's instruction permit for at least six months before applying for a driver's license.

Lobbyists will have to pay a 100 dollar per year registration fee and some political action committees and political party committees will pay a 50 dollar annual fee.

Employees of cities with more than 35 thousand population will be allowed to have union representation.

And a breast and cervical cancer treatment fund named after Belle Maxine Hilliard will be established. Hilliard died of breast cancer and was the mother of state Representative Danny Hilliard.