Native Americans mark Centennial with protest march at state Capitol

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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - About 500 Native Americans and their supporters marched on the state Capital on Friday to protest their treatment during 100 years of Oklahoma statehood.

Chanting "No Justice, No Peace" the tribal members say they want to draw attention to the fact that Oklahoma was once their land.

Donna Reiner of the Delaware-Caddo Tribe says the land was taken from Indians in land runs and shows that the federal government violated treaties.

Gary Redeye of the Seneca Tribe says history books don't teach what happened to Indians during the land runs. He says the Native American experience during the early years of statehood is unknown to young tribal members and isn't part of the Centennial celebration underway today in Guthrie.

The marchers also stopped traffic for a short time on Lincoln Boulevard south of the Capital when they stopped in the street before moving on.

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