Marietta man has seen all of Oklahoma’s 100 years

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MARIETTA, Okla. -- People across Texoma are celebrating Oklahoma’s centennial, and what better way to celebrate than through the eyes of someone who's been around since before Oklahoma was actually a state. Teddy Safo has the story of a man who's 101 years young.

Ambert Lee Page has lived a long and fruitful life. Page was born in a town called Marsden just west of Marietta in 1906 way before there was running water in homes.

Page was, among many things, a farmer. Instead of using tractors they used horse drawn wagons to till the land.

Growing up he enjoyed playing basketball with Native Americans. Since many of them were his friends, page says he never bought into racial stereotypes that were prevalent in that era.

"They said Indians would scalp you. People used to be afraid to come to Oklahoma. The Indians are all right they treated you alright."

Sliced bread is something we all enjoy today, but back then page said sliced bread was known as 'town bread' and considered a special treat.

"We used to go to town in a wagon with my daughter buy a loaf she would have it hollered out before we got home."

101 and still going strong, Page says the reason why he’s lived this long is that he doesn’t let anything bad bring him down, and he plans to keep living that way.

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