Rape Suspect Caught on Tape

12-16-04 - Authorities are hoping a viewer will recognize a man caught on tape entering the Choctaw Casino Tuesday night. That man is the suspect in a sexual assault that occurred the same evening on a nearby country road.

Tribal police say the woman told them she was abducted by the man, then assaulted and escaped after the man tried to run her down in his car. After pouring over several security camera videotapes, police say it appears she went with the man willingly, but they still believe she was assaulted.

The woman walked from the road back to her car, and then drove to the hospital. Officials there called authorities after observing tire tracks on the woman’s back.

The video of the man is dark but he is shown to be a white male, around 20 years old who appears to be 6 feet tall and over 300 lbs. He has a tattoo on his right arm.

If you have information or think you know who the suspect is call the Bryan County Sheriff at 580-924-3000.