Scabies Outbreak Growing in SISD School

11-1-04 - The Scabies outbreak at Sherman's Washington elementary school has doubled since late last week. As of Monday, 51 students and six adults have been diagnosed with the infectious skin disease.

The first cases of Scabies turned up about a week ago and since then Sherman ISD and the Grayson County Health Department say they've done everything in their power to stop the spread but some parents say that has not been enough.

Scabies, or mites that burrow in the skin causing a pimple-like rash, are spread by skin-to-skin contact, including shaking hands.

Sherman ISD sent home numerous letters to parents over the past week, telling parents how to treat Scabies and advising them to avoid close contact. But now they're going a step further. A letter will go home Tuesday, asking every member of every family with a child at Washington to get treatment.

Scabies treatment for an entire family can be costly, but to help bring down the cost the Sherman target is offering the ointment at a discount.