Bush: “Change is Inevitable”

11-4-04 - WHITE HOUSE (AP) President Bush says change in his second-term Cabinet is "inevitable."

In a post-election news conference today, Bush said he hasn't yet made any decisions about changes to his White House staff or his Cabinet.

But, he says a job in the White House "is exhausting work" and some people will need to move on.

Bush says he'll start thinking about changes in his staff when he heads to Camp David in Maryland this afternoon.

He says whatever decisions he makes will be driven by the need to assemble a "really fine group of people that think through the issues."

Senior aides say John Ashcroft is likely to resign before Bush is sworn in for a second term on January 20th. They say it's possible he would stay on, at least for a short time, if the president asked him to.

Ashcroft is said to be exhausted from leading the Justice Department in fighting the domestic war on terrorism since the 2001 attacks.

He's had stress-related health problems, and had to have his gall bladder removed earlier this year.

Ashcroft's spokesman says he hasn't officially told his staff of his future plans.

Secretary of State Colin Powell has also signaled that he plans to leave.