Bonham gets new aerial fire truck

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BONHAM, Tex. -- The Bonham Fire Department received a new aerial fire-truck on Monday that has a taller feature than the rest of its fleet.

The Bonham Fire Department got their first aerial truck on Monday. Until now firefighters say they were not able to effectively fight fires in some of the city's taller buildings.

Fire chief Bill Palya says that the department will have the ability to access high buildings and allow for improved rescue.

The refurbished truck comes from South Carolina and took over nine months to complete. Chief Palya says that the much-needed truck has all the bells and whistles of a new model, and it has all year 2007 certifications.

β€œIt would've sure made a difference for us to have it. Fortunately, Sherman was there to help us, and Denison sent their aerial over to help us, and if we would've had that, a 20-minute wait, or 30-minute wait for them to arrive."

The chief says that if they had decided to buy a brand new truck, it would have taken over two years to receive, and it would have cost more than a year's budget.

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