Highport Marina’s long road to recovery

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POTTSBORO, Tex. -- The damage at Highport Marina is still visible. In fact, staff can't even start tearing down the damaged buildings because they're waiting on money from their insurance company, and they say that waiting game is costing them money.

It's a different scene at Highport Marina today than it was back in July. The flood gates at Denison Dam are now closed, and the water level is back to normal, but the activities and daily life at high port marina has a lot of recovering left to do.

“We feel it’s taking way too long, but it’s part of the process, waiting for insurance companies to come up with a settlement figure. We are anxious to get going, already looking to 2008 as far as business, very anxious to get going," Highport assistant GM Scott Hayward says.

Marina management says the only benefit the floods left behind is good fishing, and it will take several more months before the buildings at the marina are repaired.

The Army Corps of Engineers is still doing what they can to get everyone back up and running because so many were affected and still are.

"We've had over 3,000 hours of volunteer labor, and they've been wonderful. They've really done a lot of work," Lake Texoma manager Tish Livesay says.

But the work is far from over.

“A lot of people thought as the water dropped down back to normal that the work went away, but that's exactly when it started really for us," lead ranger Chris Lynch says.

They say the main thing the Corps needs before they can go forward, is more money.

"Funding is the biggest issue. Still under continuing resolution means we don’t do any new work at all. Pay utilities, pay employees, hoping for budget maybe at the first of the year, and we don't know when President will get it signed," Livesay said.

The goal of the Army Corps of Engineers is to get some part of every park opened within the next few months. As for the marina, while they say this year has been a total loss, there is a silver lining. The boat slips have reopened, and the fishing is good.

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