Pottsboro hopes to reduce fine

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POTTSBORO, TX -- Pottsboro city leaders are hoping they don't have to pay a $220,000 dollar fine. Earlier this month Texas environmental commissioners slapped the fine on the city for non-compliance at a sewer plant.

The city council discussed the issue at their meeting Monday night. City manager Kevin Farley has compiled the necessary paperwork, showing how the city has fixed the problem. Officials hope the TCEQ will reduce the cost of the fine.

City officials say they knew they would be fined, but were shocked when they learned the amount. Mayor Frank Budra says $220,300 is an amount for a Dallas or Fort Worth-sized city, not a small community like Pottsboro.

"We have responded totally and completely to the violation itself,” Budra says. “It was corrected in short order. We are now in full compliance. We've done everything they wanted us to do and now we'd like them to address the amount of this fine."

Pottsboro officials sent the documents by overnight mail to Austin and hope to receive an answer soon.

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