German reality show star in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- The way Konny Reimann got to the United States is pretty typical. But once he got here, his life became anything but!

The German citizen won a visa, and out of all of the possible places he could live, he picked Texoma, since it's away from the big city and he had a friend living here.

"Three or four years ago, I said, 'Hey I'm in Texas, you want to visit me?' That's it," said reality star Konny Reimann.

When a group of television producers found out Konny was coming to America, they approached him and his family about being part of a reality TV show. A few years later, they're stars of the hit show, "Konny-Island", which airs weekly in their native Germany and brings in more than 20,000,000 viewers per episode.

Tuesday the film crew shot an episode of Konny learning how to make hot sauce at Amigo's Salsa in Ardmore. One of many foods Konny has come to enjoy during his time in Texoma.

"I was on film but I had nothing to do I don't speak german so I just stand there and look cool.," said Amigo's Salsa owner Marty Currier.

"A friend of mine said you gotta track this crazy German down in Gainsville, Texas. He's driving a school bus, and he's got some reality show going on so I got a hold of him," said Markel Harris with Amigo's.

The past four years, Konny has been living near Moss Lake in Gainesville. So far his way of life in America has won him plenty of fans back home.

"It's a different life what we have-- many people there like to see this life."

Konny says he plans to stay in Texoma because of our Southern hospitality.

"It's a different culture, real different...All the people are friendly is the biggest part."

And in America, he gets to travel in style.

When asked "Why do you drive a school bus?"

Konny simply said, "Because it's fun."

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